🌸July Favourites🌸

🌸July Favourites🌸

Can you believe July is here and nearly done? 

We went on a family trip to the North Coast which was just beautiful. 

The girls played happily on the beach when it was sunny and when it was raining. 

Anna enjoyed eating sand and the sea air blowing in her face. She even began to master her army cadet crawl. 

You would think I should be a pro at packing for three by now, how wrong! The amount of items I brought where all used thankfully but it did take some patience!

Here are a few of my essentials though, an emergency pack as such. 

  • Anbesol– excellent for teething babies. It has a numbing effect on their little gums. Available at most pharmacies. I got mine in McCartans Pharmacy Newry.
  • Sudo Crem- or also known as ‘suda cream’ in Newry- it does exactly what it says on the tin. No changing bag can be seen with out it.
  • Johnsons Detangler- my oldest girls hair is naturally curly and gets very tatty. It’s the holy grail in my eyes plus it smells Devine and not too overpowering.
  • This Works- baby pillow spray- it’s amazing and it’s guraneteed to give your little ones a good nights sleep with the aid of calming lavender and soothing camomile. All completely paraben free. Now available in McCartans Pharmacy Newry. 
  • Aveeno Baby- we love it here for every day use. Ella’s skin on her face flares up quite badly. Usually creams tend to sting her but she doesn’t mind it at all. 
  • Room thermometer- we have the Gro Bag one as it comes with the gro bag itself. So handy as even this mum of three can be unsure what is the best for her baby. 
  • Sun Hat- I picked up Anna’s sun hat in Mother Care- I fell in love instantly with it and on the plus side she kept it on.
  • Cuddle- we have a lovely Jelly Cat bunny that was gifted to my oldest girl and it’s done the rounds. My middle girl loves it now. 
  • Sippy Cups- I’ve been through them all. Believe me. Every other ‘spill free’ one I bought, well it wasn’t spill free! The only one I can truly say when turned upside down is the Munchkin Miracle Cup. I purchased the larger ones from Boots and the trainer cup version from Asda.

For beach days I was able to pick up some pouches of food for Anna. 

For ages I had been trying to get my hands on ‘My Little Piccolo

‘Finally I got some in Asda. Anna really enjoyed them & so handy for out & about. 

We went for a little shop around Asda when away and I was able to pick up the Childs Farm Bubble Bath but unfortunately the moisturiser is still sold out everywhere. It smells really lovely which is a plus as some specialised bubble baths and creams smell very clinical. 

We also attended a wedding (child free 🙌🏻) for the night and left the girls in the capable hands of their Namny & Auntie. Such a pleasure to get dressed up and spend time with friends. 

Lots of comments on my perfume and in particular a lovely lady who was in our company. I was wearing Jenny Glow Pomegranate Noir- a maternity pay friendly dupe of Jo Malone 🙌🏻

Jenny Glow

🌸Just us two, me & you 🌸

Shameless selfie 🤳

Before we went away to the North Coast, I picked up a few items but by far my favourites are a pair of flats from Primark & a denium pinafore/dungaree dress dress from Next which was really comfy. 

Enjoy summer everyone ☀️/🌧

Thanks for reading, 

Olivia 🌸


  1. Teresa
    July 20, 2017 / 4:16 pm

    Love this page….keep it up Olivia.. ..plus…im totally in love with Jenny glow x

  2. maire murtagh
    July 21, 2017 / 8:50 pm

    thanks for this update Olivia. great to see yourself and your handsome husband and 3 beautiful kids enjoying life on the north coast in spite of the weather! also wonderful to have Nana and auntie along to give you a night out by yourselves and looking like William and Kate! I love your dress Olivia and Gary doesn’t look too shabby either! take care and love to Carmel. maire ☺ ☺😇☺😀

  3. Aislin
    August 7, 2017 / 11:56 am

    Love your blog Olivia! Three gorgeous girls you have! Can’t wait for more reads 😘

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