August. The month of Birthdays. 

So here we are nearly half way through the summer & the school holidays. 

How is everyone surviving the rainy days? Lots of soft play & home activities If your anything like me. 🌸

This month though we will celebrate our oldest girls 5th birthday. I can’t believe it. She was the one that gave me hope. The biggest and best surprise of our lives. 🌸

Like everything there’s a story behind every tear & laugh. So here is mine. 🌸

I had always suffered with awful pain throughout the month & when I finally saw a consultant she sent me for a procedure. During the procedure the lovely nurse held my hand and said I’m sorry, have you been trying long and your consultant will let you know exactly what this means. I was floored. We hadn’t even thought about children. I was told I had bilateral blockages (both tubes where blocked, full of adhesions) & pregnancy was not an option. There were tears & lots of them. 

I than began to accept that IVF was going to be our way. But our life took a very different path.

In December 2011 we booked our wedding for September 2012 with the hope to start IVF in the October. 

The week before Christmas, I still had this flu that wouldn’t budge. I was late by months by that wasn’t out of the ordinary. 

When the Dr said Olivia your pregnant but we need to send you for an early scan. It’s probably not viable & most likely ectopic. I was numb and very confused. 

We went for a private scan as I couldn’t wait the 48hours. That’s when we met Eva-Lilly. I will never, ever forget seeing this little heart flickering away. I still don’t know how it happened or how I’ve ended up with three healthy babies. 

So we decided to postpone the wedding for a year. Explaining to friends and family was the funniest thing & of course they shared in our happiness. 

I have to say my pregnancy with her was a dream. I pretty much just ate & slept. In the midst of it all we bought our first house, that was the only time I got sick. Being shown around our now home, I had to make a quick boke stop to the toilet. (Sorry previous owners) 

My maternity leave, however took a bit of a different turn. My dad was diagnosed with a rare form of Lukehmia & was not given a good prognosis. My maternity leave was travelling with my mum up & down to the hospital where he was until he could receive treatment locally.

I’m still quite numb to him not being here and the events that took place 7 months after Eva Lilly was born. He lost his battle to the disease. He was my father, far from perfect but still my daddy. I was his little girl. I’m not sure if he actually realised towards the end that Eva Lilly was mine or that she was me as a baby. 

If we went ahead with the wedding he would have been there but he would not have been able to enjoy it. We did get married a year later & it was amazing.

Like true Eva Lilly style she was late & had to be encouraged to meet her mama & daddy. (That’s a different story entirely) My daddy got to meet her the day after she was born as he started getting treatment in our local hospital. 

Sometimes in life it’s worth waiting for the biggest surprises & sometimes these surprises are sent to help you through difficult times. 
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