Eva Lilly- The one that gave me hope ๐ŸŒธ

The 8th of August came & went. My ever growing tummy (and face) where quite literally bursting with excitement at the thought that any day we would meet our little girl.

At this stage I was convinced Eva Lilly would be a boy. Right down to having her nursery planned out as Humphreys corner everything. 

On the 13th of August (a monday) I went to see my little Niece & sister in law who helped soothe my very swollen feet and legs with a massage.

That night I woke up & felt contractions although not uncomfortable they where very much there. I bounced on the ball, watched some baby programmes & waited until 9am of the 14th to phone the maternity ward.

We went up all excited. Only to be told that I was only about 3cm, take some pain killers and come back. That’s when I first learned what baby to back position was. Not the most pleasant of labours to have so I’m told- 3rd baby in I don’t know any different. 

Around 5pm, things where getting unmanageable and we went back to the hospital. I was put into a side room and given gas & air to help ease the very intense but in no way regular contractions.

Still nothing throughout the night until around 6am they came hot and heavy. I was taken to the labour ward and the midwife said by her finishing at 8am on the 15th of August we should have a baby. Nope. Nothing. Not even close.

My labour stopped. The pain was intense all in my back. The new midwife came on duty. I will never forget her. So gentle in how she talked to me. She too thought baby would be a boy as it was taking its time.

Around noon on the 15th. I was extremely tired at this stage. The consultant was called & I was put onto the drip to help you contract. I was warned this would be painful as it would be constant. They weren’t wrong. I was given an injection of bliss. Although same said bliss turned into a projectile vomiting session soon after. (Take the anti sickness guys!)

At 3pm i still wasn’t fully dilated &I was told I would be given another hour to see how things go & a section would be necessary if the consultant couldn’t get the baby turned.

I eventually got to 10cms & was taken into theatre to trial a forceps delivery and to turn the baby. An epidural was given and each time a contraction came on I was told to push. Can i just add here, I was fully being pulled down the bed with them forceps. (Funny now, not so funny at the time)

After what seemed to be a lifetime, this big 9lb 7oz baby girl appeared with a ferious I have arrived world scream at 4.39pm on August 15th. Boy was she worth waiting for ๐ŸŒธ

After the initial shock was over that she was born, healthy and was a girl I locked eyes with the consultant. He said I’m having troubling delivering your placenta. After a few injections and infusions of what ever. Placenta was delivered. In bits. Lovely.

Then he said, do you know what an episiotomy is? I said yes. Do you know what a 3rd degree tear is? Yes with tears in my eyes. ‘Well you have both.’ 

Ofcourse this didn’t bother me too much. I was just delighted that our big bundle of joy had arrived safe into this world. 

Our family came to see Eva Lilly that evening. I don’t remember much. I was still high on love & what ever they’d given me for the pain. 

I woke at 3am the next morning to Eva Lilly crying with one of the midwives. They tell you that you will know the sound of your own baby & you do.

I quickly realised I had a catheter in, which looked pretty darn full. However I was on a mission to get to that baby. I managed to get up, carrying the full bag of wee & found midwives and care assistants in a wee room with Eva Lilly. They looked shocked and quickly helped me back to bed. A quick clean up and I had her by my side again & she hasn’t left it since ๐ŸŒธ

I was soon initiated into the wonderful world of sitting on cushions and walking like I’d just had a 9lb 7oz bambino come out of me ๐ŸŒธ

Our big miracle and her dramatic enterence. She is full of love for the world now nearly 5. Has the biggest heart & appetite and brightens our day. Every day.


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