But First Coffee ☕️ 

So I’ve been asked recently much more than ever how I cope with three under five? How does anyone though?

Not matter what, no matter where and no matter why mums will find that extra bit of strength left to keep going (until bedtime, or the hours between 6/7am-7pm after that I’m done. Really done)

So usually between 6.15-7am we can have wake up time. Sometimes throughout the night for a toilet trip, lost bunny/ favorite toy of the day. If we are lucky a dummy run and a little settle back to sleep (please go back to sleep) will do Anna until maybe 8am or after.

The older two will usually waken around 7/8am and will want breakfast upon awakening, eyes open im starving routine. Eva Lilly usually has her breakfast planned from the night before & if not will be talking about it in her sleep.

Before I can even think, I need coffee. Completely hooked. Won’t be going on a caffeine detox anytime soon hooked. To be fair I don’t know any mums who don’t have a caffeine fix of some sort. High 5 if you don’t. That’s a whole new level of super mum if you’re caffeine free.

On a good day, Ella (the boisterous two year old) will be at crèche until 1pm. She like kids. Perfect for her. Lots of activities to keep her amused. I’m kidding about the good day part (cough)

In all seriousness, though she is extremely sociable, fiercely independent & we read the ‘hands are not for hitting ‘book…quite often. Two year old + crèche = everyone happy.

I still attend physio every two weeks for my back & hip from PGP pain so some mornings I will be at that while my mum or mother in law mind Eva Lilly & Anna. I’m forever grateful for their continued help & support.  I try only to schedule such appointments when Ella is at crèche for the morning. (Twos company, threes a crowd comes to mind)

If not at an appointment, myself and the girls will play around the house. Painting. Always fun. I let them go mad and absolutely love when they paint over the floor chairs & themselves. It’s just so much more fun cleaning it all up. Who doesn’t love a creative child after all? We also love every parents favorite two little words, Play. Dough. Class stuff & even more fun to clean up.

So normally these activities like painting, coloring time, free play (never on an iPad or table watching other children open surprise eggs) will take place when Anna is having her morning nap.

Bliss they say, kids playing happily they say. Get the jobs done & sit down with a coffee they say. Absolutely, if you don’t have to have your daughters nursery room on surveillance for an unsuspecting, surprisingly quick two year old jumping stair gates to get into the cot to wake baby sister.

Once ‘my baby sister Anna’ is awake from a lovely undisturbed nap it’s off to Tesco. Sometimes to shop, sometimes to get interaction with other mums who too look as frazzled as I do. There are no judgments. Mums in a supermarket give each other the nod & sympathetic glance of ‘I know, it’s some craic isn’t it. Wee dotes aren’t they.’ I hope they do or else I’ve been nodding in sympathy to a ‘lorra lorra’ women with tantrums kids.

Not saying that my perfect children would try to climb out of trolleys, open every item that’s in there and scream that you’re a bad mummy for not giving into their request for the marshmallow, sugar infested cereal that’s incredibly Lucky with an Irish charm to it. You know that one. You’re bound to. ‘Wee pets my ones’ as I glance at the wine section #wineoclock

So once that’s all done & the sweat has left my brow from how much I spent on panic buying crap. You all know what panic buying is. According to Henwell:2017 “panic buying is a state of mind to ensure you do not lose your marbles when shopping to appear cool, calm and together. Otherwise known as giving into requests of sugar infested cereals, kinder eggs & shopkins toys”

It’s lunch time & fun time. The older two will usually have sandwiches of their choice ,it varies daily, sometimes upon the first bite.  Turkey was yesterday’s phase but one will be allergic by tomorrow I assume.

Anna, the baby, who is definitely still refreshed from her un disturbed nap that her sister didn’t wake her from will have a selection of organic root vegetable hand picked from our allotment, with a side of homemade bread toasted and topped with avocado mash. Sometimes she will request a pouch of store bought usually red coloured baby food. Of course, I would never give into such requests.

Nap time again. Sometimes Ella will fall asleep on the couch while reading quietly to herself (watching her favorite tv program on repeat.)

Clean up time again. I heart scrubbing the food stains of shop bought baby food out of the high chair tray, this morning ‘previously cleaned up’ wheetabix & brushing up all the tiny bits of play dough that I thought I had hoovered up the day before.

Coffee time again.

Today though, I spiced it up a little. I left Eva Lilly watching the iPad, silly me I mean doing her number & writing practice for school. I grabbed the chance while I could. Two littlest sleeping & one happy as a pig in…a barn having some alone time.

Wait for it, I curled my hair!! Goodbye ‘mum bun’ hello curls! Only took the guts of an hour to do but I tell you what I felt amazing after it. Self-care & all that.



Once nap time has ended, it’s in the car again & off to visit friends or family. They just love seeing me coming with my three wee angels. Although most afternoons are spent with my mum & brother. The girls adore their nanny & uncle & I can grab a coffee. #coffeeadict
Once they’ve wrecked the house of whom ever they’ve been visiting, it’s home time, dinner time & bath time. Followed swiftly by bed time! If Ella hasn’t napped she’ll be in bed early.

Tonight however she wasn’t. At one stage she shouted at the top of her lungs ‘Mickey Brady.’ Without getting into to much detail. Mr Brady is a local Sinn Fein councillor. She saw his picture all over our city during the elections. She asked who he was & I said who he was. No big deal. Here’s the thing though. We live in Northern Ireland. I’m in no way policital. Either is my husband. However we happen to live in a mixed neighbourhood of religious belief & it just so happens religion and political views come hand in hand here. We all think it’s so funny that she’s fancinated with saying his name & shouting where’s Micky Brady. But I’m guessing some of our neighbours might not see the funny side. #crosscommunity

So after all that! It’s usually bedtime for me. I like to finish the day how I started it with more caffeine. Tea & chocolate. Sometimes stronger. In the grape variety.

Good night world & thanks for the continued support & kindess 🌸

Oh & one last thing before I go…

I got this for Eva-Lilly the other day! Of course she watches YouTube! I’m after a ‘You Tube saved my sanity on numerous Occassions T-Shirt.’


Life With The Henwells 🌸

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