Mama. But still me 🌸

Like most of you, I get called Mama from dusk til dawn. It’s my title from 2012 & will continue as long as I live & hopefully remembered long after.

I could only dream of being called that name & it’s happening. I’m a mummy blogger, I’m an Insta mom, I’m a mummy having a play date & I am a part time working mummy. But amongst all, I’m just another mama trying every day to be me without being ‘mummy me’

I’m trying to raise my girls the best I can first & foremost but I’m also trying to get my sense of self back too.

I’ve learned that the hardest job is parenting. It’s amazing, it’s never ending, tiring & tear jerking but can be very lonely.

I’ve met amazing mummy friends through social media & those I’ve grown up with, who too long for some down time & self-care.

I’ve learned it’s ok to be me too. The person I was before the title. So I decided to write this blog- Life With The Henwells. To reach out to others. To engage with the masses of parents who too have lost who they were before mama & long for their sense of self to come running in their door & hug them like the long lost friend they’ve been parted with. The one who knows them. Deep down. Without judgment.

I know it’s ok to sit down at the end of the day with a glass of wine. Watch crap tv. Paint my nails. Curl my hair (I’ve just mastered this) but I usually opt for a blow dry with Mary Maguire at Mary Maguire Hair Management & take care of the ‘chores’ at a different time.

I also love taking photos & writing as a therapeutic way to get it all out (can you tell)

All being well, I will be returning to work at the end of October (just before I turn 30) I’ve missed it. I’m passionate about it & it allows me to escape, so be it part time, but for those days I will wake as mummy & go to work as me. Olivia. The colleague & employee.

I’ve allowed my Pain to define me since Anna was born. So that’s nearly a year. (yikes) I was the patient of ‘so & so’ & ‘mother of three’ with a difficult post natal condition.

I find self-care in the simplest of things though. Meeting friends for coffee (sometimes child free, sometimes not.) Buying perfume, always Jenny Glow available locally in McCartans Pharmacy Newry. Buying flowers, these aren’t a luxury in my eyes but a necessity. The same goes for coffee, friends & love.

Local support groups are also a brilliant way to connect with other mums locally. Those that I’ve found to be most useful are the National Childbirth Trust, Sure Start & Mums NI

I would love to hear from others how you get your down time. What do you do for you?

So as the photo entails, yes I am indeed a mum but I’m very much me too 🌸

You can also find my blog on Mums NI


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