Moments Of Mine ♡

The big day has been & gone. Anna has turned one. I really hate to be cliche & say where has the time gone. But really, where has the time gone? If you know, tell it to slow down.

There’s a lot happening over the next few weeks in the Henwell house. Eva-Lilly starts primary school, (that’s another level of emotion I won’t get into. Yet ) & Ella-Mae will be starting a Playgroup. Although the same blade could be going to Primary school too.

We had a little party for Anna to celebrate her big 0-1 at her Nanny’s house. Her favorite part was the caterpillar cake from Tesco. (Who doesn’t love that cake)

This time last year she was just born. I held her in my arms, savoring every moment. Amazed at her head of dark hair, delicate features, and tiny frame.  Knowing this would be the last time I would have a moment like this again. I would soon be raising her from a newborn to an infant, toddler, preschooler, then into a young girl, teenager & adult.

We are lucky to have three beautiful little ladies & I knew at the end of the pregnancy that three was enough. For my body, for my bank account & for our family.

Anna has brought joy like all of my children. They’ve all arrived when times have been hard & have been the light in the darkest of days when grief creeps in.  Which it does. Some days more than others.

Anna is crawling now, standing up on everything but just not quite ready for walking yet. It will happen when she’s ready. Only when she’s ready. In Anna Kate style. Slow & steady, determined & pensive. Although will give a hearty laugh to show her humorous side often. Who doesn’t enjoy a giggle? Especially when your older sisters are fighting over a silly toy or your mummy is singing silly songs to you.

So little Anna, here you are on the brink of starting your toddler years. Be kind to us, your sister has given us enough toddler-esque craic to last a life time. Your smile lights up a room but strangers don’t know that as you gaze seriously at them with your beautiful eyes. Your giggle fills our hallway and my heart. Your chubby hands reaching for everything in sight makes me so proud & your little cuddles you save for me are the warmest.

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