A Sunday well spent ♡

Today was a first. In a long time. Pretty much why I’m documenting it. Two little words every mummy needs to hear & implement when possible. ‘Spa Day.’

We’ve been meaning to use our vouchers for the Hastings Hotels for nearly two years that were kindly given to myself & my sister in law as a Christmas Present. As the saying goes there really isn’t enough hours in the day. So this weekend we thought it’s time to relax (nobody ever said three kids would be easy) and get some me time. So be it for a couple of hours. It was amazing.

The drive to the Slieve Donard Resort & Spa, Newcastle, County Down, in itself boasts the most beautiful scenery. Northern Ireland gets a lot of stick for its rain but today I couldn’t have been more in awe of ‘our wee country.’

Located at the foot of the Mourne Moutains the Victorian Slieve Donard Hotel & Spa sits on six achres of private ground with 180 bedrooms. The Spa expands over two floors, with 16 treatment rooms aswell as a swimming pool, vitality pool & fitness studio. 

The ESPA range is the worlds leading Spa company. I can see why, after today I am not only feeling relaxed but my skin is glowing too. Even if I do say so myself.

There are a number of treatments available & offers in conjunction with the hotel for over night stays aswell. I was lucky enough to escape for a few hours, maybe we’ll leave the overnight stay for a special occasion. (Did I mention I’m 30 in October)

I left my mummy mode at the door of the Hotel & made my way to the spa, handbag in tow (it’s the simple things & carrying a handbag is a luxury these days.)

I opted for a facial & back massage. My spa therapist listened to exactly what I said & made sure she didn’t use too much pressure on my lower back. She used a soothing body oil to help relax a busy mind, enriched with sandlewood, Rose Geranium & Francince (that it did) 

The facial too was all I could have asked for. Nourishing & not too abrasive or harsh on my sentsitive skin. 

So mummys or those who are in need of a relax & unwind please consider the Slieve Donard ESPA as a next on the list. From one mummy/stressed in need of a little pampering to another, you won’t be disappointed.

It didn’t stop there, the floating on air feeling I was embracing continued into the Relaxion Room. I hadn’t felt this care-free since I was gasping on gas & air in the hospital before the ‘real’ contractions started.  Except this time the only pushing needing done was getting me out of the spa. I didn’t want to leave. 

The relaxation room held a number  of comfy loungers, magazines, fresh fruit & refreshments. Getting to read a magazine & have a coffee without it being pulled at or drank cold was amazing. 

We finished the day of with a lovely meal in Villa Vinci & returned home to the real world feeling, relaxed & pampered. Just what the Dr ordered.

There’s uniforms to sort, lunches to be made & babies to be soothed but at least tonight I’m doing it with massaged back & an exfoliated face. That doesn’t happen too often folks. 

Goodnight ♡

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