A Decade of Births, Deaths & Marriage ♡

Going against all I stand for, which is to rarely look back I decided to do just that & ponder over my 20s both in fond times & sad times.

I was lucky to find my soul mate in that decade, get married, buy a home and have children, not in that paticular order either mind you. (Oh! The Shame)

I’m choosing to look back to remember & to focus on what’s ahead with an open mind at all that may come.

Before Marriage & Babies

If you have been reading my blog you will know that I lost my daddy to lukehmia in 2013 & many loved uncles, cousins & aunties before & during my 20s. Our family & when I say family I mean immediate & extended, is one that represents closeness, warmth, love, resilience & sadness too. When one hurts we all do & when someone needs a hand there’s usually one not too far away to grab onto. My family have grieved & still do, too many times, but without love there would be no grief.

Although not back to work yet, I am incredibly lucky to be employed by an organisation that sparks a passion in me & I am extremely proud to be part of an organisation that leads the way in empowering women & children & creating a sense of self that has been broken by others. I volunteered firstly, while studying in my early 20s & did every interview under the sun (interview pro now) to get to the flexible , family friendly job role I have today. 

The work I do has played a part too & shaped me to be a non judgemental person & also a person that doesn’t for one minute believe all I see within the realms of social media. I’m all for a pretty picture but I know behind such pictures there is a story to tell. Life is like that, rose tinted glasses are fabulous but so is being a realist. It’s less work that way. 

Now though, I’m not only sporting more grey hair than I would like & a ‘few’ fine lines on the brink of 30, I am the most contented I have ever been. I am extremely thankful for what I have every day & I am certainly not talking about material items guys! 

I’m not one to compare myself to others or long for what someone has. Social media can be the worst place for someone to be hanging out if they are easily led to believe that it is all real or if you’re a jealous/envious person then it’s really not the place for you. It will end up doing more harm to you than to those who are ‘making’ you feel that way. Listen I wouldn’t turn down the big car or house either, but the way my girls can rip apart an Argos catalogue, I would hate to see what would become of a house containing more than one living room area.

I’ve seen people act out on jealousy & still see it unfortunately & it’s pitiful to watch and listen to. Instead of counting their own blessings they just prey on others success. 

I can honestly look forward now without any should’ve, would’ve, could’ves & look back fondly on what my life has become & who I am today. 

Here’s to the next chapter guys ♡

When you sit with me, we’ll look, not at visions but at realities ♡

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