Tropic Skincare Love ♡

Since the big 3-0 aprroaches, very quickly might I add, I decided it was time to ditch the make up wipes & invest in some good skin care products, I could trust.

Prevention is better than cure they say (even though those ‘dehydration’ lines don’t seem to be disappearing no matter how much water I drink)

I have used the brand Tropic before & from using Instagram I met a lovely girl Kerri who is selling it in Northern Ireland. As I’m all for supporting small & knowing that, Kerri like me is a mother so by purchasing the products from her she would make some money. My skin would be like a 21 year olds & she would be earning for her family! Win-win!

I decided to buy three (ok maybe more, who’s counting) key items for my new & improved skin care regime & some make up products.

Firstly I bought a skin exfoliant, “Face Smooth- Brightening Polish” to say it has the wow factor from first use is an understatement in my eyes. As with all Tropic skin care, it is made up of natural ingredients containing bamboo silica beads & acai berry extract to allow for a deep yet by no means harsh exfoliation. My skin is very sensitive & it wasn’t left raw or red afterwards. 

Available here

Bright eyed & busy tailed in the morning, brought to you by Tropic & coffee of course

The next product was something I thought during my spotty teenage years and the hormonal joys of Post pregnancy I would never buy or need too, always thinking serum plus spots would lead to disaster! However it turns out a good serum is the best thing for it. Dehydration leads to breaks out too!

This organic elixir, age-defying facial oil can be used solo or as part of your moisturiser, just add a few drops in! High five to that. Turns out sometimes even your moisturiser can do with a little serum too. 

With its organic plant & seed oils, this lovely serum hydrates & improves skin tone. Available Here

The next skin product is a facial mask,’that I intended to use once a week alongside the rest of the products for an at home spa experience. A few dummy runs into the baby & giving the older two their blankies makes for a truly relaxing experience (you’ve got to love mum life)

This Deep Hydration, soothing cooling product is a remedy for all skin complaints such as *dryness, *irritation, *blemishes, *sunburn & *sensitive skin. So if like me, your skin likes to react with redness & itching when it doesn’t like something, this shouldn’t happen.


I’m so fussy (not a bad thing) when it comes to lipstick & even worse when it comes to reapplying it. In the past I’ve tried long lasting lipsticks. They really weren’t for me as I didn’t like the dryness that came with it. This Tropic one I bought is conditioning and has lasting colour.

Within the make up section I also picked up a lovely lipgloss in the colour Pink Champagne. (I like pink & champagne, so that was easy)

My main aim is to keep the lip gloss in the car to pop on when needed. It’s not sticky & smells delish. It has also happened to have won a few awards too (not that I’m a sucker for that kind of thing) 

I also find this time of year harder on my skin between the heating being turned up inside and turned down outside my skin and lips become more and more dry so I am delighted to be using these products & feeling and seeing the benefits immediately.

 Let’s just say a lovely make up artist commented on my skin recently & how well it’s looking. My make up blends better now,, I need half of what I was using & it doesn’t sit on top of the old dry patches of skin. Rolling on into my 30s with skin confidence & a much better skin routine. Thank you to Kerri for your reccomendations- a fantastic Tropic Ambassador!

All products are available here ♡

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